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Did you know?

Some surprising fire statistics & trends

Modern furnishings and finishings are far more flammable than those they replace Watch this video of a side-by-side burn between a room with older furnishings and materials (Left) and a modern room (Right). It get’s interesting around 1:30 (click the gear in the bottom right to watch at 2x speed)

The importance of fire protection systems in vacation homes:

Whether you short-term rent your vacation home, or use it part time just for you and your family, Vacation homes are especially prone to fire damage. 


Short Term Vacation Rentals:

For vacation rentals, a fire system can give you an extra level of insurance against negligent guests or those unfamiliar with using your kitchen, fireplace, drier, sauna, bar-b-que, or other appliances and systems. If they accidentally leave an ignition source on or unmonitored, a sprinkler system can be the difference between a light room renovation and a full-home rebuild. Reducing chances for destruction from fire can keep your property open for rentals and may reduce the cost to insure.


Seasonal Second Homes:

If you are the only person using your vacation home, there is a high chance that others in the neighborhood are also part-time occupants. This means there are fewer people around to spot a fire, or signs of a fire, at the critical early stage of a burn. A well designed fire system can not only improve response times, but reduce the damage caused by delayed fire department responses.


Our Rural and Extreme Environment:

In a rural environment like the Rocky Mountains, and one that experiences severe seasonal weather, a fire suppression system is even more critical as emergency response teams may be delayed in their response. Even a delay of several minutes can be catastrophic to your home and investment. A fire suppression system can delay or even extinguish a fire before a response team arrives.


Learn more about how we can deliver for your project

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New Construction

We work with architects and engineers to design systems that disappear
into the building, letting your space shine.

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Retrofit + Renovation

We can assess the compliance and limitations of existing fire systems or help to build out new fire suppression systems.

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Let us help you keep up with your building. We are certified to work on wet, dry, and chemical systems in residential, commercial and industrial settings.

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