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Veterans Administration clinics and hospitals

City, state, and federal facilities

Hotels and motels

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities

Retail, malls, grocery stores

Aircraft hangers

Food processing facilities

Manufacturing facilities

Warehouses and distribution facilities

Retrofit & Renovation

Buildings adapt to the changing needs of their occupants. MFP can help you realize the future of your building, by assessing the compliance and limitations of existing fire systems or helping to build out new fire suppression systems.


Whether you're a small business renovating a kitchen space or a retailer expanding your showroom, we can help you spec, design, install, and maintain the system that fits your needs and budget. Our in-house engineering team is familiar with the peculiarities of renovating existing systems. Our experience helps to keep the project cost low and the end product as high-quality as possible.


We make a point to fit your schedule so that your project and construction isn’t held up by the bottleneck of adapting or installing fire suppression systems. If you are considering a renovation or know that you need to update your FSS to meet the new code requirements, give us a call.

Single-family homes

Large luxury estates

Apartment buildings

Assisted living facilities

Special care facilities

Research and data centers

Correctional facilities




Learn more about how we can deliver for your project

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New Construction

We work with architects and engineers to design systems that disappear
into the building, letting your space shine.

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Let us help you keep up with your building. We are certified to work on wet, dry, and chemical systems in residential, commercial and industrial settings.

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