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Contractor and Technician Maintaining Fire Suppression System in Bozeman, MT - Mountain Fire Protection
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Mountain Fire Protection offers a full range of fire protection services in Bozeman and southern Montana, including the installation, maintenance and inspection of fire suppression systems across residential, commercial, industrial and government properties. 

Our family owned fire protection company has built a reputation across the Mountain West as meticulous engineers and technicians who deliver the highest-quality fire suppression systems while meeting budgets and deadlines. 

We have a district track record of designing state-of-the-art fire protection systems for high-end and luxury properties, including homes, ranches, estates and clubs. 

Fire Suppression Systems in Bozeman, Montana

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Fire Suppression Installation

Before installing a fire suppression system in Bozeman or the surrounding area, we take the time to build exacting models, working closely with your architect, engineering and construction teams to integrate a system that blends into the building and lets your space shine.

What does this mean?

It means using precise laser measurement and leveling.


It means choosing modern fixtures that disguise fire nozzles and sensors, as well as cutting-edge fire suppression systems that integrate with smart buildings.


And it means deploying talented fire protection technicians and craftsmen to install the system correctly, the first time.

Fire is serious. We take responsibility and ownership over every fire suppression system that we touch. We guarantee all work for one year and provide simple-yet-comprehensive maintenance plans of all sizes to meet all local and national requirements.

Bozeman Fire Suppression System Maintenance Icon - Mountain Fire Protection

Fire Suppression Maintenance

Buildings are complicated and you have a lot to juggle. Mountain Fire Protection can take the maintenance of fire suppression systems off your plate. We are certified to provide fire protection maintenance on multiple system types for residential, commercial and industrial buildings in Bozeman and southern Montana.

As a homeowner or property manager, fire suppression systems can feel burdensome and intimidating with their complexity and compliance requirements with local, state and federal regulations. We can fully manage your maintenance cycles and help you make strategic decisions that save money and keep your system in working order.

Ongoing maintenance is a large part of our commitment to our customers and is one reason we have so many repeat and long-term relationships. Our flexible scheduling and quick turnaround for site visits keep your system in compliance, thereby avoiding fines and the dangers of malfunctioning fire systems. 


Learn more about how we can deliver for your project

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Fire Suppression Inspection

Buildings should adapt to the changing needs of their occupants. Our fire suppression system inspections in Bozeman, MT, and the surrounding area can help you realize the future of your building. 

By assessing the compliance and limitations of an existing system, our fire suppression inspections can determine whether it will be sustainable for the long term, or it will be safer and more cost effective to install a new system.

Once a proper fire protection system is established, we can efficiently manage the inspection cycles according to NFPA standards, local, state and federal codes, and your insurance requirements. 

We want your business. If you’re not completely satisfied with your current fire suppression system inspections, give us a call.

Mountain Fire Protection

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